The cost of the permit

Payment is made in cash to a sanatorium, credit cards not accepted.
What is included in the price?
    • Accommodation
    • treatments
    • 3-meals a day on system "buffet"
    • Cultural and recreational activities
    • Wifi
    • access to the pool/beach

For technical reasons, the booking of rooms in the building №2, №9 will start from February 1, 2019.

Prices for 2019, the cost of stay per person per day.

room Category
Case № 5
1-room 2-seats.Standard North 2400 1600 1800 2200 3000 3400 2600 2100 2400
1-room 2-seats.Standard South 2650 1800 2000 2500 3200 3700 2800 2350 2650
2-room 2-seats. Suite 3550 2450 2700 3500 4300 4950 3600 3150 3550
3-bedroom 3-places. Suite 4250 2950 3250 4200 5150 5900 4500 3750 4250
5 floor
1-room 2-seats. Junior Suite 3950 2550 2700 3500 4300 5000 4100 3500 3950
2-room 2-seats. Suite 5000 2950 3250 4200 5300 6000 4600 4500 5000
3-room 2-seats. Suite 5700 3950 4250 5200 6150 8300 6050 5200 5700
Case № 2

1-room 2-seats.Standard North

2350 3150 3550 2750 2250 3150
1-room 2-seats. Standard South 2650 3350 3850 2950 2450 3250
1-room 2-seats.STD.stand/komf 2850 3450 4050 3150 2650 3350
2-room 2-seats. Standard 3350 3950 4550 3550 3050 3450
2-room 2-seats. Suite 3650 4450 5050 3800 3350 3750
Case № 9
1-room 2-seats. Standard 2650 3450 4000 3050
1-room 2-seats.STD.stand/komf
2850 3650 4150 3250
2-room 2-seats. Suite 3650 4550 5300 4050
3-bedroom 3-places. Suite 4450 5550 6450 5200

the Cost of additional space in any room category is 80% from discount


the cost of the permit with the condition residence - single room, includes a fee for a free place in the period from 16 June to 30 September in the amount of 75% of the standard vouchers for this number; in other periods in the amount of 40% of the standard vouchers for this number.

regulations on the procedure of stay of tourists


about the order of staying of tourists in FBLU "Sanatorium "Dnipro" of the FTS of Russia"


1.1. the term FBLU "the Sanatorium "Dnipro" of the FTS of Russia" you should understand: the territory of the Institution, including buildings, sports facilities, Park, beach and other facilities, providing for its operation (hereinafter - Institution).

1.2. the term "camper" it should be understood a person came to the sanatorium for sanatorium-resort vouchers for treatment and rest, the authorization for the treatment, nutrition, using the services of Institution.

1.3. the term "the service provided" it should be understood the action produced by the staff of the Institution for the implementation of the commitments in accordance with the law "On protection of consumer rights", the Charter of the Institution and other regulatory acts governing the various types of activities.

1.4. the term "gross violation of rules of stay in the Institution" you should understand the situation when the resting behavior interferes with the administration of the Institution and its staff to carry out properly their responsibilities for the provision of treatment and leisure guests Institution as well as actions that offend the honor and dignity of the staff, other campers and violates the legislation of the Russian Federation.

1.5. the Estimated hours - it installed this time, which is determined by calculating the prescribed daily of payment and to whom the vacationer has to pay for services rendered, to pass the room, property and serviceable equipment and maid to leave the room. The estimated hours - 8:00.

1.6. Guaranteed check-in - check - in time is 10:00, with occurrence of which the holidaymaker is entitled to settlement in the room facilities by prior reservation, the application.

1.7. Early check-in - this is a situation in which a vacationer arrived in the evening, or the day before guaranteed check in time, in coordination with the marketing Manager and reservations, and subject to availability of the relevant category, settled in the Institution. When the vacationer makes the payment according to the price list.


2.1. Vacationers are provided with full and objective information on the internal regulations, the terms of the settlement, accommodation, treatment and service, the routes, the list included in the price of services, procedure and conditions of payment for services provided for additional payment.

2.2. Accommodation of guests in accordance with the signed contracts, based on written requests from individuals. Placement in the Institution holidaymakers without prior applications is subject to availability.

2.3. Vacationers make an advance payment for the provided health resort services in an amount not less than 50%.

2.4. in case of early arrival vacationers and accompanying persons, settlement is made upon availability. The accommodation is available for the period from 20:00 to 08:00 hours the following day with payment takes places according to the price list for accommodation. When the settlement before the specified time payment in the amount of 100% of the commercial value of the occupied space.

2.5. the design of the settlement of vacationers is carried out in the presence of the documents proving the identity (passport, birth certificate), outpatient's card, medical insurance policy, non-residents of the Russian Federation are accepted only in the presence of the migration card. Children aged 4 to 18 years subject to the availability of birth certificates, certificates pediatrician about inoculations and sanitary - epidemiological environment, a sanatorium card.

2.6. the institution ensures the quality of the services offered in full compliance with sanitary and epidemiological norms and other normative acts.

2.,7. The administration of the Institution ensures the completeness and serviceability of equipment in the room, as well as the quality of the training room to settlement.

2.8. the Institution guarantees the confidentiality of information about tourists and visitors.

2.9. Leisure Companies are provided with 3 meals a day (buffet) in accordance with the approved weekend menu.

2.10. Vacationers are equipped medical beach on medical grounds, beach equipment upon presentation of sanatorium-resort book. Swimming facilities and a variety of attractions are available for an additional charge according to the approved price list.

2.11. Travelers Companies change of bed linen, towels and toiletries are conducted in accordance with the state standard of the Russian Federation:

- standard room - one every five days, towels - once in three days;

- Luxury room - one every three days, towels - once in three days.

2.12. the Establishment offers travelers or visitors without additional payment the following services:

- 2.13.1. the provision of emergency medical care;

- 2.13.2. call an ambulance;

- 2.13.3. transportation of tourists and Luggage on arrival from registration to housing and departure from the building entrance to the facility on electric car.

2.13. the administration of the Institution provides additional paid services in accordance with the approved price list.

2.14. In the event of failure of any equipment in the room and failing to stay in the room to eliminate breakage, the vacationer is offered a room not below the paid category. When moving in a room of lower category, in agreement with the rest, the difference in rate is not refundable.

2.15. Book reviews and suggestions are in the marketing Department and booking, dormitory buildings, dining room, and baths are given to vacationers at their request.

2.16. Making to the resort is the check-in date, specified in the permit, from 10:00 to 20:00.


3.1. To use all the services of the Institution in the order established by the regulation of working time.

3.2. to Accept on its territory the persons visiting campers to 22:00 hour. After this time the visitor must leave the Facility.

3.3. Contact Companies on the quality of services provided and, if necessary, of any claim on quality of services rendered.

3.4. Travelers Companies medical treatments dispensed by health resort books, according to the doctor's appointments with a list of procedures that are included in the price. Course treatment is provided to all interested persons for medical reasons after a doctor's prescription, according to the approved price list for additional paid services.


4.1. In the rest period to observe moral-ethical norms, to abstain from drinking alcohol and obscene expressions. To respect the right of other guests to rest, not to offend the actions and words attendants.

4.2. to Observe the rules of use of objects of infrastructure of the Institution spelled out on the notice Board of each object.

4.3. to Comply with fire safety regulations at all sites of the Institution.

4.4. In the period from 22:00 to 08:00 hours to be quiet and not to cause inconvenience to other guests of the Institution.

4.5. Timely pay bills rendered for the Spa services.

4.6. Until checkout time (8:00 hrs.) to make all payments for services rendered, to pass the room, property and serviceable equipment and maid to leave the room.

4.7. to Protect the property of the Institution, transferred in temporary use. In the event of damage to or destruction of property Institutions, to compensate for the damage.

4.8., In the event of damage or destruction of green plantings growing in the grounds of the facility, the Park-monument of garden-Park art of regional importance "Haraksky" rest Companies are obliged to compensate material damage and shall bear material and other responsibility in compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


5.1. To carry out any action that brings harm to the environment, in order to ensure the safety of the Park-monument of garden-Park art of regional importance "Haraksky".

5.2. Take out dining utensils, Cutlery, food and drinks. Feed the animals.

5.3. Bring and drink in the rooms, the dining room and throughout the facility alcoholic beverages.

5.4. Smoking in rooms and throughout the facility except in the places specially allocated for this.

5.5. to Keep weapons, explosives and flammable, corrosive and toxic substances. Vacationers who have the right to bear and keep arms, at the request of administration shall present the documents certifying this right.

5.6. Store and is not authorized to use fireworks.

5.7. The settlement guests with Pets and stay with them throughout the facility.

5.8. To move around the grounds of the facility by private vehicles, except for travel to a specially designated area for vehicles of tourists.

5.9. To produce the Parking of vehicles on the grounds of the facility outside of designated and protected areas for vehicles of tourists.


6.1. the administration of the Institution has the right to refuse resting in the provision of any services designated in the price list is contraindicated for medical reasons.

6.2.In the case of symptoms from the resting against staff or tourists actions of the Institution that threaten the security of their health or property, and gross violations of the rules of conduct or safety, the administration has the right to refuse further stay on the territory of the Institutions, with obligatory drawing up the act on this violation and prompt you when necessary, law enforcement officials.

6.3. In case of late arrival (Tardiness) to the booked room without a valid reason, will be charged 100% of one day cost.

6.4. In the event of termination without good cause and through no fault of the Institution, the latter is entitled to retain a sum equivalent to 1 day of stay in the room reserved category, except caused by unforeseen circumstances such as illness requiring hospitalization, death of relatives, the call to work, confirmed by relevant documents.

6.5. In case of refusal of the guests to use separate services, which are included in the price, a refund for unused services Companies is not carried out.

6.6. The administration has the right in exceptional cases to replace the dishes with food shortages.

6.7. Dry rations early departing shall be given.

6.8. In case of arrival resting after Breakfast, Breakfast is transferred on the day of departure. The cost of lunch, dinner, not provided by Institution on the day of arrival due to late arrival of the guests on the day of arrival are not refundable.

6.9. Companies is not responsible for the health of a person in the case of use of drinks and food purchased outside the premises of the Institution.

6.10. In identifying the vacationer infectious disease or primary signs of an infectious disease, a doctor last will be hospitalized in the infectious hospital.

6.11. In the case of hospitalization resting in the hospital, the Institution returns the payment for Spa services and does not provide services for the transportation and power resting.

6.12., The administration of the Institution is not responsible for the safety of documents,

money and other valuables not deposited in the safe-Deposit boxes.

6.13. The administration of the Institution is not responsible for the safety of the vehicle that is not on a secure site, intended for vehicles of tourists.

6.14. the Institution reserves the right to suspend use of the pool in an organized cleanup day.


7.1. In case of any disputable questions concerning the quality of the service, he may address them with the administration of the Institution. If the issue cannot be resolved on the spot, vacationer Institutions need to put your wishes in writing and register them in the marketing Department and booking. Not meeting this requirement may be grounds for full or partial refusal in satisfaction of claims.

7.2. In case of impossibility of elimination of the revealed shortcomings, in place is drawn up in 2 copies and an indication of the comments vacationers and signed by an authorized person from Institution.

7.3. If the facility administration failed to eliminate detected shortcomings, a vacationer has the right, in the presence of the act of the revealed violations, within 20 days after the expiration of the permit, submit a claim. In the absence of the relevant act referred to in paragraph 7.1, the claim may not be accepted for consideration, and the requirements of the consumer services are unfounded.