• Крым, г. Ялта, п. Гаспра, Алупкинское шоссе, 13


the Cost of transfer one way per car

  • Airport Simferopol - Spa hotel "Dnepr" / Sanatorium "Dnepr" - the Airport of Simferopol
Passenger car (1-3 people) 2200 rubles
Minibus (4-8 people) 3500 rubles


  • Railway station Simferopol - Spa hotel "Dnepr" / Sanatorium "Dnepr" - Railway station Simferopol
Passenger car (1-3 people) 2000 rubles
Minibus (4-8 people) 3100 rubles


  • Railway station in Sevastopol - the Sanatorium "Dnipro" / Sanatorium "Dnepr" - W/railway station of Sevastopol
Passenger car (1-3 people) 2000 rubles
Minibus (4-8 people) 3100 rubles


  • the Bus station in Yalta Sanatorium "Dnipro" / Sanatorium "Dnepr" - station of Yalta (8:00-16:00)
Passenger car (1-3 people) 400 rubles
Minibus (4-8 people) 600 rubles


To order, contact the Department of marketing and sales

Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 17:00:

+7(978)-599-84-99, +7(3654) 24-72-30, putevki@dnepryalta.com

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays for airport Shuttle Bus station in Yalta.

to go to the reception area: +7(3654) 24-73-35

the procedure for the provision of services:
to Order service available Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 on prior request subject to availability vehicles no earlier than 1 (one) week and not later than 2 (two) working days before the execution of the services:

1. To request a service by email putevki@dnepryalta.com or fill out an application in the Department of marketing and sales with the date and time of arrival and / or departure, flight number, number of people, contact telephone number.
2. Confirmation of acceptance of the order on transfer services and costs, or failure to provide services, the Institution sends to the email address Vacationer within 3 days of receipt of the application. At weekends, during periods of high load or a large load managers, marketing Department and sales processing time of applications can be increased to 5 days.
3. The cancellations are possible at least 1 (one) working day before the day of execution of the services.
4. Vacationer makes the advance payment for transportation services in the amount of 100% according to the invoice or pays for services transfers in cash registry.

Dear guests of the sanatorium!

Every Tuesday and Friday we invite You to visit one of the most beautiful cities of the southern coast of Crimea – Yalta

You will be able to visit the beaches, stroll the ancient streets of the old Yalta and make an easy walk through the historic center of the city along the Black sea coast, to see the first hotel, the Yalta pier to the lighthouse, evergreen gardens and parks, exquisite architecture and the city

the Cost is 150 rubles per person
(when forming groups of 6 to 10 people)

Departure to Yalta (from the registry sanatorium) 14:30
Departure from Yalta (bus stop "Colonnade") 18:00


the Entry and payment at the reception: +7 (3654) 24-73-75

"... Yalta is a mixture of something European,
reminiscent of the sorts of nice, with something
bourgeois and fair..." by A. P. Chekhov