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Corruption — using their official powers and rights entrusted it, as well as related official status of authority, opportunities and relations for personal gain, contrary to the laws and moral precepts. Corruption is also referred to as the bribery of officials, their venality, corruptibility, which is typical of mafia States. The corresponding term in European languages generally has a broader semantics arising from the initial values of the original Latin.Characteristic sign of corruption is the conflict between actions of the official and interests of its employer or the conflict between actions of the elective person and interests of the society. Many types of corruption are similar fraud perpetrated by an official, and belong to the category of crimes against the state.Corruption can be exposed to any officer has a discretionary power in the area of distribution of any resources not belonging to it at own discretion (the official, Deputy, judge, law enforcement officer, an administrator, etc.). The main incentive to corruption is possibility of receiving the economic profit (rent) connected with use of powers, and the main deterrent — risk of exposure and punishment. Systemic corruption is manifested in its compulsory nature for those who work in public organizations, it covers: the lower ranking officials collect bribes and share with the top to preserve their own positions.

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proof of income, expenses, about property and obligations of property character

March 1, 2017 in accordance with decree of the President of the Russian Federation of February 21, 2017 no. 82 income, expenses, about property and obligations of property character it is necessary to fill only by using special software "Help BC" posted on the official website of the state information system in the field of public service in information and telecommunications network "Internet" (http://gossluzhba.gov.EN/page/index/spravki_bk)

  1. proof of income, expenses, about property and obligations of property character
  2. Data on revenues and expenditures of Federal civil servants of the FTS of Russia