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Regulations on the order of stay of vacationers


about the order of staying of tourists in FBLU "Sanatorium "Dnipro" of the FTS of Russia"


1.1. These rules are developed on the basis of the Civil code of the Russian Federation law on 07.02.1992, №2300-1 "On consumer protection", Federal law dated 18.07.2006 No. 109-FZ "On migration registration of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship in the Russian Federation", decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation from 09.10.2015, No. 1085 "On approval of Rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation", Federal law of the Russian Federation dated 27.02.2006 g. №152 "On personal data", order of the FTS of Russia dated 13.12.2012, №MMV-7-10/948@ "On approval of the Regulations on the procedure of provision of permits in the Federal budget medical institution of the FTS of Russia" and are internal local normative act for execution by all structural divisions of Establishment, and all Vacationers in the territory FBLU "Sanatorium "Dnipro" of the FTS of Russia".
1.2. FBLU "Sanatorium "Dnipro" FTS" located at the address: 298662, Russian Federation, Republic of Crimea, Yalta, PGT. Gaspra, Alupkinskoe shosse, 13.
1.2.1. Phone FBLU "Sanatorium "Dnipro" of the FTS of Russia": +7(3654)24-73-65, (3654)24-72-30.
1.2.2. FBLU "Sanatorium "Dnipro" FTS" works around the clock throughout the year.
1.3. The present Situation placed in the information folder in the Registry and on the official website of the Institution http://dnepryalta.com.
2.1. "FBLU "Sanatorium "Dnipro" FTS" - area Institutions, including housing, sports facilities, Park, beach and other facilities, providing for its operation (hereinafter - Institution)
2.2. "Vacationer" - a person arriving to the Institution sanatorium-resort vouchers for treatment and rest, using services Companies.
2.3. "Visitor" - a person not living in the Institution, but are entitled to be on site from 07:00 to 22:00 and use the infrastructure of the Institution according to the approved price list for services Companies.
2.4. "the Sanatorium permit" is the document a form of strict reporting confirming the fact of payment and receipt of sanatorium-resort services.
2.5. "Additional services" – scope of services of Institutions that must be ordered and paid additionally Vacationers: health, household, leisure, transport and other services, the list of which is determined by the Institution.
2.6. "Booking" is the order process of basic services in specified amounts for use of the services in due time a particular guest or group of guests.
2.7. "Guaranteed booking" – pre-order services for payment in the amount of 50% of cost of services for the whole period of stay in the Institution.
2.8. "the service Provided" – action produced by the staff of the Institution, for the implementation of the commitments in accordance with the law "On protection of consumer rights", the Charter of the Institution and other normative acts regulating different activities.
2.9. ""booking Confirmation – a written confirmation of execution of the ordered Institution sanatorium-resort services under the booking.
2.10. "the Estimated hours" is set this time, which is determined by calculating the prescribed daily of payment and to whom the vacationer has to pay for services rendered, to pass the maid room, property and serviceable equipment and vacate the room. The estimated hours - 8:00.
2.11. "Guaranteed check-in" – check – in time is 10:00, with occurrence of which the holidaymaker is entitled to settlement in the room of the Institution, according to the prior reservation, the application.
2.12. "Early check-in" – is the situation in which a camper, arriving in the evening or on the eve of the day of the guaranteed check, in coordination with the marketing Manager and sales and availability of the relevant category resides in the Institution. When the Vacationer makes the payment according to the price list.
2.13. "Gross violation of rules of stay in the Institution", you must understand the situation in which the behavior of vacationer prevents the Institution and its staff to carry out properly their responsibilities for the provision of treatment and leisure guests Institution as well as actions that offend the honor and dignity of the staff, other campers and violates the legislation of the Russian Federation.
3.1. FBLU "Sanatorium "Dnipro" of the FTS of Russia" provides Spa services in sanatorium-resort activities for employees of tax authorities (the Central apparatus of the FTS of Russia), territorial bodies FNS of Russia, employees of organizations, administered by the FTS of Russia, former employees, family members of employees of tax authorities and other outside organizations and individuals.
3.2. Vacationers are provided with full and objective information on the internal regulations, the terms of the settlement, accommodation, treatment, the route, the list included in the price of services, the procedure and conditions of payment of services provided for extra charge.
3.3. The cost of sanatorium vouchers included accommodation in accordance with the paid category, meal, treatment, cultural and recreational activities. Sanatorium-resort service, decorated Spa voucher, division into pieces can not be.
3.4., The establishment offers Travelers or Visitors without additional payment the following services:
- call an ambulance;
the transportation of tourists and Luggage on arrival from registration to housing and departure from the body-to-door Companies electric car.
3.5. Reception on SANATORNO-resort treatment in the Institution, on workers and members of their families is carried out on the basis of letters of confirmation from the Department responsible for the distribution of vouchers to the tax authorities and the organizations administered by the FTS of Russia.
3.6. Reception on SANATORNO-resort treatment of individuals in the Institution is carried out on the basis of the acquired SANATORNO-resort permits on applications processed dnepryalta.com in the section "Reservation", with telephone calls over the Department Manager of marketing and sales, in accordance with the signed contracts with legal entities, tourist companies. Placement in the Institution Holidaymakers without prior applications is subject to availability.
3.7. For booking electronically Holidaymaker sends the completed application to the Department of marketing and sales.
should be specified:
  • date and time of arrival and departure
  • category and number of rooms
  • number of guests staying at room##of 64##
  • Name
  • notes, comments, additional comments
  • contact information (phone, Fax, email)
3.8. Confirmation or denial of booking Institution directs to the address of the Guest within 3 days of receipt of the application. At weekends, during periods of high load or a large load managers hotel marketing and sales the processing time of applications for reservation may be increased to 5 days.
3.9. When booking or during free settlement Vacationers choose the type of room. The choice of particular rooms, taking into account the wishes, the marketing Department and sales.
3.10. The status of a guaranteed reservation means the reservation of the right to receive services in accordance with the confirmed list of the services and the ability to check-in after 10: 00 am to 08:00 p.m. of the day following the day of arrival. In case of absence before this time the booking will be cancelled.
3.11. Cancellation of guaranteed reservation must be made in writing at the address putevki@dnepryalta.com. In this case, your Deposit will be refunded according to the rules specified in clause 4.17. In the case of a separate contract subject to the terms of cancellation stipulated in the contract.
3.12. Vacationers make an advance payment for the provided health resort services in the amount of not less than 50%, according to the booking confirmation and the invoice. For employees of the Federal registration, payment vouchers is produced directly in FBLU "Sanatorium "Dnipro" of the FTS of Russia".
3.13. In the case of sending to the Institution Vacationer legal entity, the responsibility for the accuracy of the information relating to Spa services, is directly a legal entity and it is responsible for the timely registration of accompanying documents (the documents confirming the fact of payment vouchers, powers of attorney, etc.).
4.1. Accommodation Facility is provided to Travelers upon presentation of:
  • of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation for citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • children till 14 years – birth certificate;
  • for foreign citizens – passport, visa to enter the territory of the Russian Federation and migration card (if another order of entry is not provided by the current bilateral governmental agreements and international treaties);
  • sanatorium-resort card;
  • insurance;
  • proof of relationship (for family members of employees of Federal tax service of Russia);
  • help from a pediatrician about inoculations and sanitary-epidemiological environment (for children from 4 to 18 years).
the List of approved p. 19 of the Rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation, approved by RF Government Decree from 09.10.2015 g No. 1085).
4.2. Placement of foreign citizens on their arrival is for a period within the term of validity of the visa or migration card.
4.3. Statement of foreign citizens on the account of the place of stay in the Institution, and removing them from consideration at the place of stay is carried out in accordance with the Rules of implementation of migratory accounting of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship in the Russian Federation approved by RF Government decree of 15 January 2007 No. 9 "On the procedure of migration registration of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship in the Russian Federation".
4.4. The establishment within 1 working day following the day of arrival a foreign citizen, shall inform the territorial body of the Federal migration service of the foreign citizen arrival at place of residence.
4.5. Upon arrival the Camper fills out a registration form with a personal signature, thus Holidaymaker agrees to the processing of personal data in compliance with item 4 of article 9 of the Federal law "On personal data" of 27.07.2006, № 152-FZ.
in the absence of the above documents, the Institution reserves the right to refuse Resting in the reception and accommodation.
4.6. After placing the Camper receives from the administrator of the sanatorium book (a document authorizing the location in the resort), food vouchers, a voucher for a treatment.
4.7. Upon arrival the children with a relative or other representative, the necessary authorization from the parents (in writing).
4.8., Upon arrival the vacationer to the Institution, in case of lack of payment on the settlement account of the sanatorium, he is for cash. Check in to the Establishment is made after making the travelers payment for the entire term of the intended stay. Making to the resort is the check-in date, specified in the permit. When the refusal of the guests to make payment of sanatorium-resort services office reserves the right to refuse Resting in the settlement.
4.9. In the absence of reservation, in case of early arrival vacationers and accompanying persons, settlement is made at availability. When placing campers from 20:00 to 08:00 will be charged for half a day according to the price list for accommodation.
4.10. In case of delay of arrival for early check-in:
- without valid reasons for more than three days (for employees of Federal tax service of Russia) in FBLU the Sanatorium "Dnipro" FTS" Campers are not accepted;
- if there are valid reasons for the unused ticket be moved to a later date only by agreement with the head of the Institution and only upon availability with the recalculation of prices (for external organizations and individuals).
4.11. In case of early arrival at the Institution (for employees of Federal tax service of Russia):
- compensation for unused days in case of early departure is not allowed;
- accommodation is subject to availability (with payment set by the Institution according to the price list for individuals and third parties, depending on room category).
4.12. The Institution established a daily payment of Spa services hourly rate Spa services in the Institution are not provided.
4.13. In case of late arrival (Tardiness) to the booked room without a valid reason will be charged 100% of one day cost. If you are late or early departure (for employees of Federal tax service of Russia) without good reason the term of the permit shall not be extended and no refund is made.
4.14. A late arrival does not entitle you to a renewal of the permit. The arrival day counts as a full billable day.
4.15. Accommodation of guests is strictly for the dates specified in the ticket or in the booking confirmation. The extension of the permit may, subject to availability of rooms.
4.16. Payment for the purchased Vacationers sanatorium-resort services can be made both by cash and cashless payments.
4.17. A refund for the unused days vacationer is carried out in the following cases:
- if you cancel the reservation before the date specified in the application or the booking confirmation;
- cannot find the Institution in connection with diseases and conditions requiring hospitalization, in connection with the diseases in which Vacationers are not capable of independent movement and self-care needing permanent special care, in connection with infectious and other diseases that fall under the contraindications to stay in the Institution;
- when the disease, not allowing get treatment (on the basis of the conclusion of the medical Commission FBLU "Sanatorium "Dnipro" FTS");
- if the detection process diagnostic studies of contraindications to the treatment in the Institution;
- at the time of departure due to extraordinary circumstances: the death or illness of close relatives, emergency work, fire, flood, earthquake, etc.;
- recognition of the Institution of the reasons for early departure, with respect.
4.18. The list of documents necessary for the implementation of the refund:
- application for a refund according to the sample Companies;
- the document confirming payment of sanatorium vouchers;
- credit card details;
- copy of passport (the 2nd and 3rd pages).
If necessary, the Institution may require additional documents from the Guest.
4.19. When paying for Spa services by Bank transfer the refund is made by Bank transfer. When paying in cash, Institutions the return is as non-cash or cash subject to the availability of sufficient funds in the cashier of the Institution.
4.20. For a refund for services Companies paid Travelers through a travel Agency, the booking Agency, etc., the Camper needs to contact the organization who took the payment.
4.21. In case if the guests cut their stay in the Institution, the refund is paid for but unused day, unless otherwise provided by the agreement (organizations and individuals).
4.22. In the case of hospitalization Resting in the hospital the administration of the Institution returns the payment for Spa services and does not provide services for transport and power resting.
4.23. In identifying the Vacationer infectious disease or primary signs of an infectious disease by a doctor last will be hospitalized in the infectious hospital.
4.24. Upon arrival Campers are required to inspect the room and inform the administrator about the detected failures and shortcomings.
4.25. The room change is permitted subject to availability of places. When changing the room to a higher room category is subject to charge.
4.26. In the event of failure of any equipment in the room and failing to stay in the room to eliminate breakage vacationer is offered a room not below the paid category.
4.27. Housekeeping is provided daily., Change of linen supply is carried out in accordance with the National standard of the Russian Federation, the General requirements on the services of sanatoriums, boarding houses, holiday centers: one every five days, towels - once in three days, in the rooms of category "Suite" - one every three days, towels - at least once in two days.
4.28. After the expiration of the permit or early departure the Holidaymaker is obliged to hand in the keys to the room maid or administrator of the dormitory building. Camper is obliged to fully pay for services not included in the price, get your coupon for Spa voucher.
4.29. For storage of money and valuables vacationers can use:
- individual safe in room;
- safe Deposit box in the building with rooms (no in room private safe).
5.1. Campers are entitled to:
5.1.1. To use all the services of the Institution in the order established by the regulation of working time.
5.1.2. To accept on its territory the visitors to 22:00 h. After this time the visitor must leave the Facility.
5.1.3. Contact the Institution on the quality of services provided and, if necessary, of any claim to the quality of services, leave feedback and suggestions in the Book reviews and suggestions, which is at the reception of tower in Residential buildings, Spa enclosure, Dining room and issued to Travelers upon request.
5.2. Campers are required:
5.2.1. In the rest period to observe moral-ethical norms, to abstain from drinking alcohol and obscene expressions. To respect the right of other guests to rest, not to offend the actions and words attendants.
5.2.2. To observe the rules of use of objects of infrastructure of the Institution spelled out on the notice Board of each object.
5.2.3. To comply with fire safety regulations at all facilities Companies.
5.2.4. When leaving the room to close the taps and Windows, turn off the lights, TV, close the room and take the room keys to the front office.
5.2.5. In the period from 15:00 to 17:00 and 22:00 to 08:00 hours to be quiet and not to cause inconvenience to other guests of the Institution.
5.2.6. Timely pay bills rendered for the Spa services.
5.2.7. To protect the property of the Institution, transferred in temporary use. In the event of damage to or destruction of property of Institutions to compensate for the damage.
5.3. Travelers are prohibited from:
5.3.1. On the basis of the Federal law "About restriction of Smoking of tobacco" from 10.07.2001 №87-FZ Smoking tobacco products in rooms, in corridors, on staircases, in the dining room, vestibule hall, balconies, on-site Parking. Smoking is allowed in specially equipped places marked "Smoking area".
5.3.2. To keep weapons, explosives and flammable, corrosive and toxic substances. Vacationers who have the right to bear and keep arms, at the request of administration shall present the documents certifying this right.
5.3.3. Store and use fireworks.
5.3.4. Cover included floor lamps, table lamps items of combustible material, cushion, sheets, etc.;
5.3.5. Settlement with Pets and stay with them throughout the facility.
5.3.6. To move large items of furniture within rooms;
5.3.7. To throw trash out of Windows and balconies;
5.3.8. To move around the grounds of the facility by private vehicles, except for travel to a specially designated area for vehicles of Tourists.
5.3.9. To produce the Parking of vehicles on the grounds of the facility outside of designated and protected areas for vehicles of Tourists.
5.3.10. Independently resolve problems encountered in the use of mains, electrical, plumbing, sanitary ware and other items that make up the farm Enterprises.
5.3.11. To pass the room keys to others. Appearing intoxicated in hallways, in stairwells, in offices of doctors, medical procedures.
5.3.12. Take out dining utensils, Cutlery, food and drinks. To feed the animals.
5.3.13. Bring and drink in the rooms, the dining room and throughout the facility alcoholic beverages.
5.3.14. To visit public places (except designated areas) in bathing suits.
6.1. Children are admitted to the Institution with 4-years. Check in and accommodation at the Sanatorium minors must be accompanied by parents or other legal representatives (guardians, curators) of the minor.
6.2. Children of employees of tax bodies and organizations administered FNS of Russia, accepted in the Institution ranging in age from 5 to 18 years according to the regulations on the procedure of provision of permits in FBLU Russian Federal tax service № MMV-7-10/9482 from 13.12.12.
6.3. Parents or their legal representatives shall bear civil liability for their minor children. Parents must accompany children to medical procedures, to the beach, dining, cultural and entertainment events and the provision of other services to monitor the children in games on the Playground. The presence on the territory of children without adult supervision are not allowed.
6.4. For children from 4 years of age are provided services children's playroom. Children visit the playroom only when you have health books., Children are taken to the playroom without parents.
6.5. In the nursery are not permitted:
- with signs of colds and infectious diseases;
- with food.
6.6. Children are taken to the playroom to watch her work. 15 minutes before the closure of the nursery parents are required to pick up the child.
6.7. Parents must monitor children's behavior in the dining room, not to allow independent movement of children around the distributing table.
7.1. Medical treatments are available to the Vacationers who arrived at the Institution on the voucher in the presence of sanatorium-resort card.
7.2. The complex sanatorium-resort treatment prescribed by the attending physician for each guest individually on the basis of its main and associated diseases within the amount laid down in your Spa stay. The institution ensures the quality of the services offered in full compliance with sanitary and epidemiological norms and other normative acts.
7.3. For the treatment of children starting from 4 years of age. Institution provides medical services and treatment to children under the age of 4 years (according to the license for medical activities). With the exception of cases of emergency and/or emergency medical care. After the emergency and/or urgent medical assistance, the child must leave the Institution and be immediately sent for treatment in a specialized hospital setting or a clinic in the community.
7.4. Procedures are assigned according to the List of medical procedures included in the price. A specific list of medical services prescribed by your doctor after examination and study of the submitted medical records (outpatient's card, medical history, test results, statements, certificates, etc.). Contraindications individual therapy is not prescribed. In this case, the cost of medical procedures, included in comprehensive treatment programs, cannot be returned.
7.5. On initial admission the attending physician in the health book is the list of appointments, which shows the names of the procedures, time, numbers of buildings and classrooms, which would provide critical health care services.
7.6. In public holidays and weekends therapy is not prescribed. The total volume of medical procedures, diagnostic procedures and specialist consultations is distributed on weekdays according to the list of appointments.
7.7. Paid medical services are provided to all interested persons only by prescription after the payment and present the check, according to the approved price list for additional paid services.
7.8. Before visiting the water treatment and when they need to take hygienic shower with warm water and soap.
7.9. When visiting the water treatment must have the bathing suit, cap, washcloth, soap.
7.10. The institution reserves the right to suspend the use of the swimming pool in the organized cleaning day.
7.11. Campers and Visitors have the right to:
- qualified examination and treatment in conditions that meet sanitary and hygiene requirements;
- receive consultations of doctors-specialists of the Institution in accordance with the standard treatment of the basic disease;
- relief of pain associated with disease and/or medical intervention, the available methods and medicines;
- obtaining information about surname, name, patronymic, position, qualification of the attending physician and other persons involved in the delivery of health care;
- obtaining information in an accessible form about the rights and responsibilities, their health status, including data on examination results, diagnosis and prognosis, methods of treatment, related risk, possible options for medical intervention, their consequences, and the results of the performed treatment;
- the choice of persons in the interests of the Vacationer may be given information about the state of his health;
- protection of information constituting a medical secrecy, personal data of guests;
- refusal of medical intervention;
- reimbursement of harm caused to health in the provision of medical assistance;
- familiarization with medical documentation, reflecting the state of health, obtaining on the basis of such documentation of consultations with other professionals;
- receipt of medical documents, their copies and extracts from medical documents.
7.12. Travelers and Visitors are prohibited from:
- store nurses mobile phones and other items at the time of the procedure;
- make the property of the Institution of Hydropathic case;
7.13. Campers and Visitors must:
- to take measures for the preservation and strengthening of their health;
is being treated, follow the treatment;
- to show respect in communicating with health care professionals
- a timely report to the doctor and for medical procedures (preferably for 5-10 minutes before the start) and to warn about the impossibility of turnout for a good cause;
- during the procedure to keep quiet;
- if discomfort, poor state of health during the procedure or after it, to seek immediate medical sister and doctor;
- informing the physician of all information necessary for diagnosis and treatment of disease;
- inform the physician about illness, known allergic