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the resort is located 16 km South-West from Yalta in the old Park of regional significance Charax. Specializiruetsya for the treatment of diseases in the field of cardio-pulmonology, gastroenterology, urology.

60 N. E.
Fortress "Kharaks"

Charax (ancient Greek. Χάραξ, lat. Charax) — Roman military camp on the Cape AI-Todor, the largest (4.5 hectares) of the famous Roman fortress in the Crimea.

it is possible that the name of the hyrax is not a native, but only refers to the specifics of the settlement: χάραξ an ancient Greek word meaning "enclosed with a fence place the shaft with a palisade of a fortified camp". Pliny the Elder in "Natural history" (IV, 85) given the other name of the fortress on the South coast of Taurica — Harakani (Characeni), which is not found anywhere else. Ptolemy even indicate the coordinates of Haraks: 62º00, 46º50 (Geography, III, 6).


the Popularity of the new Russian resort contribute to regular visits to the South of the Crimea royals of the Imperial house of Romanov.

In the late 60's, at the disposal of the Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich Romanov dispatched the third largest after Livadia and Oreanda plot of land in 70 acres of Gaspra. The estate in the late 90-ies passes into the possession of the sons of Grand Duke Alexander and George. Alexander Mikhailovich becomes the owner of "AI-Todor". A smaller part of the estate, with 6 acres, goes to Georgy Mikhailovich, who bought the land from truckers and the Tatar community, extends his possession to 20 acres and creates an estate "Kharaks", named after the Roman fortress "Kharaks" (I-III century ad) at Cape AI-Todor. The building of the Palace estate "Kharaks"- a sample of European high mountain castle in the Scottish style. The sharp outlines of the roofs izkrasojama, elegant shape and proportions of the building blend harmoniously with the teeth of AI-Petri and create a romantic mood of unity with the surrounding Crimean nature.

Romanov Palace

Kharaks Palace — manor house with parkland in the village of Gaspra.

the history of the Palace begins when the city purchased the estate of the Grand Prince Mikhail Nikolaevich (the younger son of Emperor Nicholas I) at the Princess Meshchersky in 1869. An area of approximately 70 acres (100 ha) was located from Sevastopol highway to the sea, ending in the Cape of AI-Todor. The name of the estate was in honor of a Roman fortress located on the same place until the middle of III century BC. e

Some time the area was empty due to the lack of the water. When buying from Gasprinsky Tatar source, Georgy Mikhailovich ordered the architect N. P. Krasnov draft of the estate, the amount of which was 16 ha. Krasnov chose to Haraks the then popular style of late art Nouveau. In 1909 Charax was visited by Nicholas II.

8 Aug 1922

the sanatorium as public health center began on 8 August 1922., when order No. 110 at the people's Commissariat of the USSR on the site of a former princely estate is organized in sanatorium "Charax" with 110 seats. In 1955 "the hyrax" is renamed in the sanatorium "Dnipro". From this period begins a significant upgrading of diagnostic and medical base.

Miskhor resort always gave not only health, but also a powerful impetus to creativity. In different years of ay-Todor, visited P. Vyazemsky, I. Muraviev-Apostol, A. Griboedov, M. Gorky and F. Chaliapin, L. Tolstoy, V. Bryusov and V. Mayakovsky, N. Z.

"Charax" recovered their health, many prominent public figures — G. I. Petrovsky, S. V. Kosior, D. I. Ulyanov, F. E. Dzerzhinsky, N..Semashko, L. A. Fotieva, p. P. Postyshev, warlords V. K. Blucher, M. N. Tuhachevsky, S. A. Kovpak.