The room Fund of the

In this section, you can book any room at our resort. To do this, select case, and then the desired number.

Case №2

Comprises 22 rooms with 44 seats. The service is not provided. Picturesque 3-storey building of the old castle with high ceilings, hiding in the dense greenery of the Park, giving You the opportunity to experience the relaxing peace and unity with nature.

Case №5

building with rooms №5 is closed for refurbishment

Includes 122 rooms at 245 locations. The service is not provided. Modern 5-storey building, which is the most popular with holidaymakers, with magnificent sea and mountain views and comfortable rooms for every taste.

Case №9

Includes 47 rooms for 96 seats. All rooms with sea view. The service is not provided. Functioning from April to October, a 4-storey building of the sanatorium will allow You to enjoy great views and direct proximity to the sea only a few meters will separate You from the gentle waves of the Black sea.

Case No. 1 - Kharaks Palace

Old 3-storey Scottish castle offers 11 rooms with 22 beds. The service is not provided. The name of the Great Prince G. Romanov, great-uncle of Emperor Nicholas II built in the late nineteenth century (1904 to 1907) by the famous Yalta architect N. Krasnov.P. Estate for connoisseurs Crimean vacation in the apartments of the Royal family will not only touch the history as a tourist on the tour, as well as a full guest, to be the persons of noble blood is so interesting and romantic.