Consultation of the doctor. Laboratory diagnosis

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In our sanatorium you can get advice:

Leading experts:
  • Tsereteli Mariya - zaveuue therapy Department – honored physician


  • therapist
  • of a therapist, endocrinologist
  • pediatrician
  • of the physician-pulmonologist
  • cardiologist
  • neurologist
  • psychologist
  • dentist

Pass diagnostic laboratory tests:

  • Clinical diagnostic laboratory tests.
  • Biochemical laboratory tests (coagulogram, lipidogram, sugar, enzymes, trace elements, gases, protein metabolism, liver, kidney tests, rheumatoid factor, immunoglobulins).
  • Coagulation hemostasis.
  • Serological diagnosis of viral, bacterial and parasitic.
  • Immunological laboratory tests.
  • Hormonal tests.
  • the Identification of tumor markers.

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